Mini Rodini

Daisy Summersuit

Sleeveless summersuit in dark green with short legs, racerback and digitally printed flowers in green, white and turquoise. The summersuit has elastic at the waist, three snap buttons at the back and is made of environmentally friendly Modal®. • Mini Rodini’s logo and information about size is printed on the inside of the fabric to avoid any annoyance that might arise from a sewn-on label. • Color: Burgundy or dark green • Composition: 95 % micromodal, 5 % elastane • Production: Made in Turkey The fabric used to manufacture this summersuit is made of environmentally friendly Modal®. The Modal fibers are manufactured using environmentally certified wood from fir and beech trees, which make them 100 % biodegradable. Modal® is used to replace conventional viscose, which requires harmful chemicals in order to be manufactured. Those chemicals often leak into nature and damage both our health and the environment. This is not the case with Modal®, since the chemicals used are recycled and reused instead of leaked out into nature. When producing the trees for Modal®, much less land area and water is needed compared to the manufacturing process of cotton.